The Documentary Hypothesis


This liberal fallacy is taught in seminaries and leads to pastors not believing the Bible is history.  From the beginning, JEPD was used by Wellhausen to destroy Genesis in place of evolution. When pastors are taught to throw out a literal 6 day creation, the flood of Noah, and more, the foundations are destroyed and the remainder of the Bible is up for grabs.  This ALWAYS leads you to liberalism.  You simply are not going to find JEPD believers that were liberal and changed to conservative after believing this false teaching.  Just ask Andy Stanley, he doesn’t believe in a literal creation, does not view the Bible is actual history, which led him to the cliff of heresy and he jumped.

  • Professors will present this garbage like it is something new to their students who likely never heard of it.  However, this idea of JEPD was pushed hardest by Julius Wellhausen in the mid to late 1800’s.