English Bible Translations

Literal Translations

  1. King James Version
  2. New King James Version
  3. The Modernized Geneva Bible
    • Uniquely bound in different volumes for each book of the Bible.  The Bible the KJV depended on and the Bible of the reformation.
  4. Legacy Standard Bible
  5. ESV
  6. Christian Standard Bible
  7. New English Translation (A newer translation we are still evaluating, as many are.  For now, we would recommend this as a supplement to one of the above)

Thought for Thought Translations

Some people use these their entire lives, which is fine.  We recommend moving up from thought for thought to literal translations noted above to enable exegesis of the Bible.

  1. NIV –  Purchase
  2. NLT – Purchase
  3. GNTPurchase



Bibles to avoid

  • The Message Bible (MSG)
  • The Passion
  • The Living Bible (TLB)
  • New World Translation – Jehovahs witnesses rewrite of scripture, heretical. 
  • Book of Mormon – Reinterprets scripture including heretical doctrines. They use KJV Bible, but they preach, teach, and live by their book.
  • The YouVersion Bible App (It is free and full of charismatic false teacher references)